AZEK Decking

Decked out in AZEK

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Finding workable, exacting and quality decking materials can be a complex process, but there are ways to ease your search. Whether it’s decking, railing or related materials, Doug Ashy offers AZEK products that provide top-of-the line materials that are perfect for nearly any outdoor decking project. Innovative Technology With their innovative (AAT) Alloy Armour Technology,Continue Reading

Painting Tips

Painting Like A Pro

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Read Time: 4 minutes TL;DR Painting large, exterior surfaces may be best handled with an air-powered paint sprayer, but that usually isn’t done indoors. Exterior paint jobs will also typically require taller ladders and more preparation than interior painting projects. To prepare an exterior surface to be painted, you should: pressure wash surfaces, repair allContinue Reading

2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Trends: 2018

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Read Time: 3.5 Minutes TL;DR Open shelving creates an open-feeling space and allows for a decorator’s touch to permeate the room. Hidden storage allows homeowners to keep their kitchen necessities within easy reach while using open shelving for more decorative items. A kitchen island is the Swiss Army knife of kitchen design, offering extra preparationContinue Reading

Pressure Washer Rental

Summer Outdoor Prep: Pressure Washer Rental

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Read Time: 3 Minutes TL;DR Certain pressure washers are electrically-powered while others operate using a gas-powered engine. Units that are electrically powered tend to produce a lower-pressure stream of water than gas-powered pressure washers. Never use a gas-powered pressure washer on a vehicle or any other painted surface as they will damage such surfaces almostContinue Reading