How To Seal An Air Leak For Energy Efficiency

A man sealing a window air leak with caulk

Read Time: 3 minutes TL;DR To identify an air leak in your home, light a stick of incense and hold it near the edges of all of your home’s doors and windows, taking note of any unusual movement of the incense smoke. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for any damaged caulking…

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Tips for Tiling a Shower or Tub

Tiling a Shower or Tub

Tile is by far the most popular choice for the surrounding walls of showers and bathtubs in new or remodeled bathrooms for a number of reasons. For starters, tile is impervious to water. It’s also easy to keep clean and available in hundreds of styles, colors and sizes. With some patience and the right tools…

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Patio Perfection – Fresh Ideas You’ll Love

Outdoor patio with seating area

Southerners are often described as having a backyard culture—we greatly value spending time with family and friends on the patio in our own backyard oasis. Whether it’s for gardening or for a summer cookout, the warmer weather invokes a strong desire to spend more time outdoors soaking up some rays of sunlight. But if the…

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Low Maintenance Landscaping

Lawn mower cutting grass with low-maintenance landscaping text

There’s no denying that a well-groomed yard can tremendously boost the curb appeal of your home, but did you know that landscaping can add 5 to 15 percent on to your home’s overall value? In fact, landscaping is one of few home improvement investments that add value to your home almost immediately. But before you…

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Small Closet Space, Big Storage Solutions

Closet Storage System

Plan Carefully and Choose the Right Materials Is your closet stuffed to capacity? Do you dream of walk-in closets with floor-to-ceiling shelves? You’re not alone.     If you’ve run out of storage space in your closet, it’s likely that you’re not using the space to its best advantage. Before you consider redoing your entire closet,…

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New Year, New Home Improvements

2022 Home Improvements

The new year is a great opportunity to set resolutions and make changes in your life. Changing things up around the home can be a great opportunity to raise the quality of living you experience on a daily basis. It is also important to take care of repairs around your home if you want to…

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Holiday Home Improvement Tips

Holiday Home Improvement

  Holiday excitement is sure to be abound as fall and winter start knocking on your door. Family and other visitors are due to arrive for holiday gatherings, making now the perfect time to complete some small home improvements to help wow your guests this year. We’re not just talking about doing a deep clean…

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Save Money & Energy with Attic Insulation

Now is the best time to think about insulating your attic. As the air becomes more cool and dry, working in your attic won’t be a pain to work on during the day. The question is: What sort of material should you use to insulate your attic, and how much do you need to provide…

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Landscaping Tips – When & How to Prune Your Plants

Landscaping Tips, How to prune your plants

  Proper pruning enhances the beauty of your landscaping and impacts how well your plants grow. However, it is one of the most neglected aspects of landscaping due to the seemingly low rewards associated with the task. This is a widespread misconception that homeowners should really reconsider—for instance, some of the benefits you stand to…

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What’s That Cut? Your Guide to Saws

what's the cut

Read time: 4 minutes TL;DR Saws are essential to almost every home DIY project, yet the type of saw you need depends on the project and materials you’re working with. Hand saws, including miter box and bevel saws, are great for small pieces of wood, trim, molding and other small projects. More advanced hand saws…

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