How to Advertise with Referral Programs

People shaking hands

Read Time: 2 ½ minutes TL;DR Referral marketing is the most trusted form of advertising. The best way to increase the rate of referrals is through the creation and implementation of a referral program. To create a successful referral program you must provide worthwhile incentives, make the program easy to use, and make sure your…

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How to Select Wood Stain

Unfinished Light Brown Stain varnish on wooden pine boards with Brush and Bucket

Read Time: 2 ½ minutes TL;DR There are four main factors when considering wood stain: wood texture, desired stain coverage, area lighting, personal color preferences. Depending on the project, there are multiple types of stains with different properties: non-penetrating pigmented oil stains, penetrating oil stains, non-grain raising stains, sealer stains, and organic stains.   Nothing…

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