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The 4 Home Disaster Zones During A Hurricane

Satellite image of hurricane over the atlantic

Read Time: 5 minutes TL;DR The 2019 hurricane season is going to be particularly active, according to meteorologists. The most vulnerable areas of a house are entryways, openings and external surfaces. Opt for heavier doors and install secure hinges and latches. Install shutters on windows, as well as impact-resistant glass. Garage doors are commonly overlooked,…

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How to Increase Your Home’s Value

DIY home craft project behind row of coins with sprouting plant

Read Time: 3 minutes TL;DR Increasing the value of your home is all about cost-effective routine upkeep. It starts with creating a realistic plan that is prioritized, easy to follow, and cost-conscious. When making big or long-lasting changes to your home, consider what trends will hold their value for long periods of time and which…

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