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What’s That Cut? Your Guide to Saws

what's the cut

Read time: 4 minutes TL;DR Saws are essential to almost every home DIY project, yet the type of saw you need depends on the project and materials you’re working with. Hand saws, including miter box and bevel saws, are great for small pieces of wood, trim, molding and other small projects. More advanced hand saws…

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How to Remove Carpet

removing carpet

Read time: 5 minutes TL;DR New carpet can breathe life into any room, but like many home improvement projects, it can be costly. If you’re handy, you can save money by tearing out your old carpeting on your own. Gather a utility knife, duct tape, pliers, knee pads and a pry bar. Remove furniture and…

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The Twelve Days of Safety

12 days of safety graphic from Doug Ashy

The holidays are nearly here—which means non-stop decorating, dining and dashing through the snow (or in our case, leaves)! But with all the hustle and bustle, safety may not be your top priority. From holiday decorating mishaps to home damage and more, stay safe this holiday season by following our safety tips so you can…

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